Hey guys! Skybound has partnered with Free Range Games to support their new collectible card game, Labyrinth! We've run a few Twitch events before and players have walked away with awesome prizes.

Now it’s time for the challenge to return, but this time the game and competition is leveling up! Defense gameplay and multiplayer servers have been added. Now battle it out against real opponents and on the leaderboard!

Use the Twitch connect button below for an easy 1-step signup and check out the leaderboard below.


Position Twitch Name Twitch URL Score


Starts Friday, May 20, 2016 10:00 AM PST
Ends Monday, May 23, 2016 10:00 AM PST


  1. Sign up with Skybound. If selected, they will give you a key. If you already have a key, you are free to participate.
  2. Download Labyrinth from Steam. Please allow enough time to download the game and get setup. The download size is over 1GB.
  3. Link your Steam account to your Twitch account to earn points for the leaderboard.
  4. Select 'Playing Labyrinth' on your Twitch channel.
  5. Set stream title to: Skybound Labyrinth Early Access Challenge.


Go to Labyrinth and follow a streamer.


This is an Early Access build of Labyrinth. Not all of the features planned are in this build. There is placeholder art and text. It has had limited QA testing. It has bugs. It will probably break. Email support { at } labyrinththegame [dot] com if you have any problems.

Please do your best to let your viewers know that this is a Early Access build and problems are expected. If you run into a problem, the best course of action may be to quit the game and try again. Always feel free to contact us. We will try to respond promptly.


Get as many Points as possible. Points are gained as follows:

Category Points
Beat a boss 1
Lose to a boss -1

Note: in the event of show stopping bugs with the game or leaderboard system, we will award streamers points in a way we think is fair for the circumstance. If you exploit a bug or a game breaking deck, we may deduct points at our discretion.

* Remember to select Playing Labyrinth on your channel. Also link your Steam account to your Twitch account.


The #1 winner gets to host Bradley Fulton, the lead designer of Labyrinth, on your stream for a Q&A session with viewers, as well as below:

  1. 1st place Hardcover 1st edition The Walking Dead.
  2. ​2nd place Hardcover 1st Edition Invincible
  3. 3rd place Hardcover 1st Edition Outcast​

​The #1 to #5 place winners get SteelSeries Rival Mouse and Founder Adept packages which include:

  1. 40 Card Packs ($60.00 value)
  2. "Founder Apprentice" Card Back
  3. "Founder Adept" Card Back
  4. 1 Alternate-art Hero Card
  5. 1 Alternate-art Boss Card

Each streamer can earn 1 Early Access Key per 3 points they earn on the leaderboard, capped at 25 keys. Streamers are welcome to distribute the keys as they like.

The keys will be delivered by May 20. The Founder Adept packages will be delivered when they are available, probably a few months from now.


Please help support Free Range Games, the developer of Labyrinth, by doing these things when you stream:

  1. Have your bots chat out:
  2. Mention @LabyrinthOracle in tweets when you go live, we'll try to retweet

Free Range Games will be participating in chat or hosting as the schedule allows if you let us know when you plan to stream.


Labyrinth is a PvP game which marries a Collectible Card Game (CCG) and a tactical turn based RPG.

You play both offense and defense in this game. You build 3 decks of cards for your Heroes that raid someone else's labyrinth. You build 1 deck of cards for your Boss room in your labyrinth--that is your defense. We call the rooms 'encounters'.

On a raid, you win each encounter by defeating the Boss for that encounter. On defense, your Boss wins by defeating all of the raiding Heroes.

When you raid, you move your Heroes when it is their turn. Each Hero can move up to 3 spaces unless a card modifies its movement. (To make it easier, when you are moving your Heroes, you can move the camera by holding down both mouse buttons and moving the mouse.) After moving, you may play cards, which are your spells and your attacks.

Each card has a tick cost in the upper left corner. When you play a card, the tick cost is added to the character's clock, moving them further down in the timeline shown at the top of the gameplay screen. You can see the possible change to the timeline when you hover over a card before you play it. You can also opt to pass the turn for that Hero by using the Guard card, which will add one tick to the character's clock.

When you defend you don’t have to be online. A player raiding your labyrinth attacks the last saved deck you have in your labyrinth. So defense is all about your skill in deck building. Defense plays differently than offense. You only have one Boss per encounter but that Boss can summon minions that help defend. More is explained in this video: